Where to Start……..?

The trouble with creating a blog is firstly, trying to decide what to write about – or in my case if you have anything interesting to write about! – ive found that thinking about this is much like staring at a spider willing it not to move as you don’t want to kill it but you definitely don’t want it chilling in your house…
The second scary part i found about deciding whether or not to start a blog is the fear of being judged. Whether that’s a rational fear or not it was still very much present, particularly as i am a person who struggles to talk about their feelings and thoughts. In this world, however, i decided that the fear of being judged is irrational, you are always going to get someone who judges you, but why should i care? After all its a free country and i believe that everyone should be allowed to be their own crazy selves and if they don’t conform to the ‘norm’ so what? At least that person is never going to be a ‘clone’.

So here it is, my thoughts and feelings bared for all to see….. I just hope it turns out ok…


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