What makes a man?

Recently I have found myself asking this question after one of my friends got punched so hard by a guy on a night out, she’s now in hospital waiting to have surgery after an X-Ray found she had a broken jaw on one side and a fracture in the other. Her crime? Giving a guy a look because he walked into her without saying sorry.
Personally I find this unacceptable, no matter the situation violence isn’t an answer, unless of course it’s self defence!
The updates on Facebook have sparked up hundreds of comments -from both men and women – exclaiming how pathetic this guy was and how he isn’t a real man, this sparked the question what is a real man? A gym buff with rippling muscles? A Mr fix it? Or the sensitive caring type who may not be a gym buff but will look after you no matter what, or maybe even a combination of everything?
For me in my so called ‘young, naive days’ my ideal guy was more of a lads lad, good looks and a bit of muscle. I thought I’d be happy as long as I knew he cared about me behind the scenes.
I was wrong. I found it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and as a result the relationship was short lived. I now have an amazing boyfriend who always thinks about me before anything and everything and whilst he may not be a gym buff I personally think he’s the best thing since sliced bread!

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