‘The World is your Oyster’

Funny expression isn’t it? Having been through education and in my final year of University, this expression is no longer straight forward. Yet during the younger years it used to be a concept filled with excitement. Throughout school years I always knew what I wanted to be and how I was going to achieve it, I was happy knowing I wanted to head towards that direction and had the passion and determination to push for it. Fast forward nine years and I no longer have a clue! I thought I did but once I’d started thinking about what I liked, I found so many different options, I now feel like I’m stuck in spaghetti central. The above quote now seems ridiculous and stupid to me, if, for example during university you want to become a Dr but then later on you begin to feel as though it isn’t for you, what can you do? I am aware obviously there are courses and other jobs you will be able to get but it just seems silly that you spend your education having to decide what you want to be when you grow up and working towards that but not being able to divert from that path if you find it’s not for you… Is the world really your oyster?


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