To Grammar or not to Grammar?

Its a funny thing grammar, comma here, full stop there, its a complex thing. Yet I find myself asking when writing a blog does it matter? Personally when i write a blog its like word vomit, i write what I’m thinking at the time and definitely don’t think about comma placements! If I’m honest, as mine tend to be less formal i don’t put a lot of thought into them even after Ive finished typing.

My boyfriend, however, is the exact opposite, he has to double check that is grammar is in the correct place and he thoroughly scrutinizes his post at least five times before he even thinks about publishing it. I have to admit though as a result of his ‘grammar nazi-ism’ (yes I’ve just made that up) he is useful to have around when i’m writing an essay or report!

Does it really matter though when writing a blog? I guess some people will agree and others wont, writing style after all is an individual thing. Does anyone in this day and age though really notice if a comma is missing? (Grammar Nazi’s not included – should have really put a warning sign for you at the beginning!).

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