Religion – the omnipotent?

Before I start I’d like to push the point that I’m aware religion is a sensitive topic and I am most definitely not racist!

So, I begin… Religion is not a big part of my life, I’m not religious myself but many friends and family members are. It’s not that I have an issue with religion itself, more of the issues that people cause from it. Of course people should have the freedom to believe what they want to believe regardless of race and ethnicity. Unfortunately this is not the case and here is where my problem lies. I’m fed up of people fighting over and shoving their personal religious beliefs down other peoples throats, what happened to freedom?! I find it insulting when a devout Muslim for example, looks at me in disgust just because I’m wearing jeans and a Tshirt….if you don’t like it why come to this country where the view in the summer consists of practically underwear clad bodies?! I don’t go around giving you dirty looks! Similarly I had a million pound note shoved through my letterbox (I wish!) saying that if I don’t convert to Christianity and effectively ‘purge’ myself I’d go to hell…..great… But that’s your believe and I have mine so why can’t we just live peacefully respecting each other’s beliefs instead of causing wars by fighting against them???

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