A weighty issue…

With all the campaigns about models being too skinny and the overuse of photoshop it’s a wonder why no one has taken a great leap of faith and included ‘plus sized’ models and little to no photoshop through ought the fashion industry. I thought it was amazing when Dove created a video which showed just how much photoshop goes into an image. I personally loved their campaign, I feel the pressure to look a certain way is ffaaarrrrrr to high for both men and women. Why should someone be defined by their weight?! Some people are naturally skinny and some people are naturally curvy! So what?!
I was happy when a magazine featured a ‘plus size’ women on the front of their cover and it turned out to be the best selling cover they’ve ever had! I thought it would really lift off and hoped other magazines would follow suit, however, this didn’t happen and I’m disappointed to say that nowadays you don’t hearing of a campaign anymore. The pressure of being a certain size and looking a certain way is far too much for the younger generation….believe me I’ve been through it!


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