Growing up….

Its a funny thing really, the different stages in your life seem to whiz by yet we notice all the little details in them.

For example as you get older you start to notice more of the world around you, in a word you become less naive. I myself am 20 years old now (i know, old!) and have been in the stage where i don’t feel like i need to be with my family constantly and want to get on with my life! Unfortunately there are roadblocks. Driving for example is one of them, since i couldn’t afford lessons and everything else that goes with them before uni, i decided to do them the summer i finish uni. This then means that when i cant get anywhere on a train my dad is the go to person (much to his annoyance!). The problem is that a 20 year old living at home (when im not at uni obviously!), under the rule of her parents, and lack of transportation gets frustrating. You also have to take into consideration your families feelings….I personally have never been a family orientated person, i love my family to bits but i dont feel the need to be with them constantly! They on the other hand feel the exact opposite and as a result this causes major conflict! Whenever i go anywhere, like stay at my boyfriends on the weekends, they feel as though i dont want to spend time with them…..REALLY??!! Although most of the time i bite my tongue (trust me its hard!) i am getting to that point now where i just want to yell at them and say ‘HELLO?? has nobody realized im not 12 anymore????’. I have been pondering talking to them about this for a couple of years now, even more so now im 20, but ive been thinking about it for so long i now wont do it……. So trust me, if you feel exactly the same way as this, be mature, sit down and tell them how you feel!


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