State vs Private…

There are stereotypes to both and each has their own view on the other but are these views fact or fiction?

Well obviously it does depend on experience but i have found that the majority of students in state schools don’t care where you sit on the status scale. Private schools, however, are very different. Now before anyone says anything, i can say this about the school i went to (yes i went to a private school and no i’m not stuck up…). I found that both the students and the school favored those who had a bank account the size of America.

Being on the lower end of this scale i became less and less naive as the years went on. By the time i reached GCSE level i had had enough of the favoritism that went on. Finishing my GCSE’s couldn’t of come sooner and i gladly left to go to college! It was refreshing to meet and make friends with people from all types of social class, it also taught me that not all ‘rich’ people are stuck up so i learnt something new myself!

Life lesson guys, dont judge people based on status!


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