Material Girl in a Material World…

I heard the Madonna song ‘Material Girl’ the other day and sudden inspiration popped into my head! (Yay!)

Our world today is as the title says very materialistic, from the latest technological gadgets and gizmos to the big world of fashion, we are obsessed with the latest trends and styles. What drives this?

This isn’t a simple answer but i am going to attempt to discuss some of them!

Probably the most obvious one is the media! Forever bombarding us with images of celebrities and their lives, whether it’s what they are wearing or the latest mishap you cannot escape it. Social media also plays a part in this whether its instagram or twitter many celebs post their latest shenanigans which usually consist of selfies at the gym, photo shoots and their perfectly made up faces. I mean no girl gets up in the morning and all of a sudden make up launches itself perfectly onto your face! (We aren’t that lucky!).  I guess a positive spin is that celebrities keep the economy going through the world of fashion and beauty! I also have to point that I’m a sucker for advertising and usually get excited about a ‘new’ product which is still the same as before……

The second point that I would like to discuss is the concept of ‘retail therapy’, the thrill of buying something NEW!!! I have to say from past experiences that it actually does work! Maybe not the long-term effect you hope for, but it does the job in the short-term! Perhaps I thought about this point a bit too much, however, as material items can also be used as substitutes for relationships. This may sound strange but it links with the ‘money can’t buy happiness’ theory…can it? For those that have been badly hurt by a friend or their previous partner(s) the answer right now will be a yes. I mean a watch or some diamond earrings cant cheat on you or call you horrible names can they? Although this is stereotypical a good example is the men that are deemed ‘playboys’. Stereotypically they are known to be rich, drive fast cars, live in a mansion and sleep with as many people as they can, but have never once told a girl they loved them. In a word commitment. Again its a stereotype but these men tend to lack commitment for some reason or another, maybe they have been hurt in the past, or maybe they are scared but whatever the reason materialistic items are the things to turn too! The film ‘This means war’ is a perfect example! The self-righteous character played by Chris Pine is definitely one of these stereotypes, he has the latest gadgets, a fancy house, designer clothes and regular female visitors! He of course has a sad back story and when he falls in love with Reese Witherspoons character the bravado slowly starts to crumble.

All in all whether it’s for status, therapy or just to fit in we are all sucked into a version of a material world whether we want to be in it or not.

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