A four letter word with a big meaning!

It is said to be the most powerful emotion and when your ‘in love’ there’s nothing like it. Pondering this the other day I thought what is love? Thinking about it in-depth there are so many types of love, family, friends, lover and even material objects.

Each different ‘type’ of love both feels and is different, Family love is unconditional, close family that is! But you don’t feel it all the time, you know you love them but you don’t feel a sudden rush of emotion and butterflies when you see them! You just know you love them. Friend love, you love your best friend(s) but you’re not in love with them, you love them because, hopefully, you trust them and they are always there for you, you love them for the friendship between you. Material objects, it may be controversial for those who live by the phrase ‘money cant buy happiness’, but believe it or not for some it can. For those who don’t want to be ‘tied down’ by a relationship material objects are the ones! Whether it’s the car or house you’ve always dreamed of, or that diamond ring you’ve always wanted, for those who live the ‘high life’, the love that doesn’t necessarily need a great deal of commitment.

Then there is the big one… love! It means something different to everyone and everyone feels something different but the realisation that you love someone, are in love with someone is a feeling that is almost indescribable. For those of you that haven’t been in love, don’t panic! You will know when the time comes, how, i cant explain but you will. For some it may be instant, for others it may be gradual, someone who you class as a ‘best friend’ and you gradually realise its much deeper and much more than just that. The feeling of care and protection you feel for that person is so powerful you can feel like you NEED to keep them by your side. The feeling that you know that person is yours, the pride you feel when walking down the street hand in hand. The voice in your head saying ‘yes, he/she is mine’. The ultimate, for me personally, is knowing the scary realisation that you would sacrifice anything for them if it would help them or make them happy in any way, shape or form.

So to my fellow friend’s out there in the big wide world, if you have felt love, well done! You have done it! Reaching the milestone that some people find hard. To my friends who haven’t, don’t worry, one day you will know what its like to feel the power of love.


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