The news…

Sooooooooooo, I came across this article today and when i read it a huge debate sparked in my head! *I do not mean to offend anyone!!!*

If you want to read it first here it is…… – just in case you don’t want to click it and have no idea what i’m rambling on about here are the facts:

Boy of 15 kills teacher in class

Boy stabs teacher 7 times in the back

Teacher did indeed die

Boy has just been sentenced to 20 years to life imprisonment

Very basic facts I know but I’m sure you don’t want the full-blown story! As I was reading the article I came across an advocate for youth justice’s opinion. She states that she believes the sentencing is too harsh as he is a ‘child’ and ‘shouldn’t be more than his age’. She also says that his sentence should focus on rehabilitation for him so that when he finishes his sentence he will no longer be a danger when released……

I studied Law at GCSE and A Level and am currently in my final year of a Psychology with Criminal Behavior degree. Bearing in mind the minimum age you can be tried in court for a crime is 10 years old, which yes, is lower than other European countries! I am aware the age of an adult is 18 but bearing in mind that this boy has apparently taken five GCSE’s a year early and has passed all of them AND his sentence suggests he does not have a mental disability that could have caused him to act abnormally, i don’t see how he is merely a ‘child’. At the age of 15, even with most children age 10, you know that murdering someone by stabbing them in the back 7 times is very wrong….and as a side note murdering anyone in any way is wrong! So why shouldn’t he get the sentence he’s got? just because he’s 15 that doesn’t mean he should be treated differently to everyone else, he knew what he was doing and he made a conscious choice to act in the way he did.

*I am merely basing my opinion on the facts I have heard and read, if anyone has any other information about this case, please feel free to tell me :)*


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