Tips on how to manage depression…

Hello there! I thought I would try and hand out some tips, I’m aware that most of these are easier said than done and sometimes there are days where nothing will work, but on the off chance you want to kick depression in the face read on!

First I am going to start off with the days where you have nothing going on:

  • Snuggle up in a blanket with a nice hot drink or whatever floats your boat and just do something relaxing! Read, put on your favorite film, browse the internet etc.
  • Chat to someone who makes you laugh! This may be hard to do but usually laughing improves your mood….that’s the general idea anyway!
  •  Have a good old cry! There is no shame in doing this if its going to make you feel better!
  • Go for a nice walk/run or whatever else you want if it helps to clear your head, or in general if exercise helps.
  • Eat chocolate!!!!! Chocolate releases serotonin which makes you happier….hey, every little helps!
  • If you have a person who you can talk to invite them round or just ring up for a chat, talking to them may help you feel better and having a night in with a friend will make you feel less alone.
  • Express your feelings by writing about them! Surprisingly this can help and from personal experience i was surprised by how well!
  • If you really have nothing to get out of bed for and just feel like hibernating, do it! At your worst you never want to face the world, so don’t! For a bit anyway, its always good to get out of bed at some point! Try a nice bath or shower 🙂
  • If your a gaming type o person, play one….or several! These can help take your mind off how your feeling.
  • If you have that friend or partner you talk to…..demand a hug! It helps you feel less alone and a bit of comfort won’t do any harm!

Next are the days when you have the busiest day ever!

  • Force yourself to do whatever it s you need to do! It sounds hard and believe me it is but doing everyday activities helps to distract your mind and socializing with people can help also.
  • Try and throw yourself into what you need to do! Put your best into it and by doing so will give you a sense of achievement.
  • If you have free time, don’t spend it alone, or if this is impossible do not pick a secluded area, this way you can people watch. This may sound strange but people watching (and listening!) distracts you and in some cases can make you laugh!
  • If your not feeling too bad, smile! This can improve your mood and make you feel happy…..or at least more normal.
  • If all else fails plan on what you are going to do in the evening, what meal, what movie, music etc and have a little boogie! Also if your in a lecture or someone is just chatting to you try and turn what they are saying into something funny or in my case turn everything into innuendo’s!

I know this is all very hard to do and may not be the best advice but i find that sometimes these simple things can help me to feel a bit better.


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