We all have those habits……

All those annoying habits that either annoy us or annoy other people. Whether its picking your nose in public, or leaving the toilet seat up, we all have them!

Although they can be annoying and off putting, they are something that helps shapes what makes us…well us. The ones everyone complains about tend to be driving or shopping related! Walking too slowly, stopping in front of people suddenly, being pushy, not indicating properly etc. We all get annoyed with each other in one way or another but what i think is funny is that all those annoying habits are tolerated by us when we love someone! Yes we can get annoyed at them but we still love them don’t we? We never beep our horns at them or give them the most evil look we can manage (well…..) yet we get so annoyed with strangers habits it can even lead to a verbal/physical confrontation!

Personally, although i don’t want to annoy people i’m more than happy that the people close to me put up with me! I must be so annoying! I’m stubborn, argumentative and highly strung……we all need someone to love and someone to love us though.


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