Going home for Christmas…

This week has been pretty full on for me, I came back from London on Sunday and was then up early to attend an open day/mini interview for a job opportunity after Uni! Unfortunately my body the decided it wanted to give me a cold, which was fun….NOT! I handed in an assignment yesterday and have bought all my Christmas prezzies (wwwwoooo!)….I’m feeling so organised right now!

If I’m honest this week has got worse as its gone along, although my cold has gone i have now been left with an extremely sore and swollen neck…Bleurgh ¬_¬ I have also had a few bad days and nights, luckily my boyfriend is amazing and has been there to chat and rant to but it has definitely been one of those ‘I want to hibernate until everything’s better weeks’.

One of the things that has begun to bother me is that I am going home sooner than i thought I would be! (next week, eekkk!). You may think i’m crazy and don’t get me wrong I do love going home, but mentally I have to have time to prepare myself for the change and the issues that come along with it. Yes, this may sound dramatic but it is a situation that drastically heightens my anxiety, I know that if I spend too long at home and don’t adapt to living with other people quickly (I have my own studio flat at Uni) world war three starts! As a result I am beginning to get very nervous and keep thinking about all the things that could happen and what I need to do to stop them……over thinking is so fun….

So yeah……I’m not really sure what this post has been about as, if i’m being completely honest, I haven’t had the motivation to think of something to write about……so this is the outcome and I’m sure you’ll find this is one jumbled mess! Kind of like my brain at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Going home for Christmas…

  1. Perhaps what you feel is a perfectly normal and healthy response?
    I am not suggesting that everyone feels that way, everyone is different, but I know some, including my own daughter who recently finished Uni, who probably felt exactly the same way.
    I love my family, it is just that some of them should only be taken in small doses!

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