Is home really where the heart is…?

‘I want to go home’ is a popular phrase, but where is ‘home’?

The word ‘home’ is commonly associated with comfort, safety, family, warmth and is usually where you want to be if things go wrong or you just want to relax, but for those of us fortunate to have a roof over our heads what makes a home? Is it anywhere where your family is? A space you share with your significant other? Or a space where you feel safe and warm? Just because that space is within a housing form does that really mean its home?

In a word, no. Just because we live in a house, flat, apartment or wherever you may live, ask yourself, do you really call it home? My family ‘home’ now is a flat and I wouldn’t label it ‘home’. I am grateful for it and I actually quite like it as far as flats in a small town go but it’s not home. To me home was our old house, not because it was big and beautiful and had a lovely garden, but because that number 23 house was where my family was happy. It is where we grew up and share some of the best memories, it’s where we share some bad ones that have brought us closer together, it is where we had our own space, privacy and belongings, we could make it ours. I looked forward to going back to it everyday, I knew it would be warm and cosy and safe. It, or more specifically my room within it was what I labelled my ‘happy place’ and this years Christmas is showing that we all miss it, we miss our shared ‘happy place’ and we miss our HOME.


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