Express yourself…

‘duh duh, dada, express yourself’…

I am going to have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day…

Over the weekend I went for a nice walk with my boyfriend and watching other people got me thinking of how people express what they are feeling. Babies for example just scream and cry as they don’t know any other way to communicate, this can, however, carry on as you age, some people struggle to express themselves so they either bottle it up or release it in the only way they know how, which can be through crying, screaming, shouting, violence etc.

Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone and often doesn’t, but whichever way surely we should be mindful of how other people express themselves? One of my lecturers once said that they didn’t become a counselor because they’d just tell clients to ‘get over it’. Granted some people can over exaggerate but maybe that is just their way of letting how they are feeling go? Surely instead of getting annoyed we should accept that people need to release emotion from time to time, sadness, anger, happiness, frustration, stress, love, they all need to be released in one way or another, whether you like to keep it to yourself or not, it will eventually be released so shouldn’t we all help those around us by listening or just letting them get angry with you for five minutes until they calm down and realise its not you they’re angry with? We all get annoyed with people but maybe, just maybe, if we were more tolerant, patient and accepting people would get on better…

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