The Guilt I Feel…

The thing with depression and anxiety is that with them comes so many different feelings with each person experiencing a wide range.
With the exception of the obvious ‘negative thinking’ there is always something else, for me it’s guilt, I guess it’s a recent realisation and one which I’ve particularly struggled with.
I feel guilty over everything and this week has been no exceptional, I feel guilty over receiving presents, giving presents, using up people’s time, even thinking some of the things I do and to be perfectly honest I’m pretty damn well fed up with it!
My most recent ‘guilt trip’ was when I realised that I was taking away my boyfriends parents time with him and that they are probably getting fed up of seeing me every weekend! It sounds like such a silly thing to feel guilty over but it’s been bugging me non stop, I keep thinking stuff like should I not see him next weekend or over Christmas?! Am I just being really pathetic??? Are they really annoyed or am I just over thinking it???

One thing I know is that I HATE this.

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