The Last Push…

Well…today has been tiring, long, dull and uneventful, hello first day back at uni and work!

Yup, so everyone is back to school/work/Uni etc and I am no exception, to me the Christmas holidays are the best, so why are they so short?! Although I have to admit I did have a lovely Christmas (I hope you all did too!).

Hopefully there are some of you out there that know this feeling, the feeling of when you’re in the last year of uni and its the one last push to getting that degree and the start of the rest of your life….If you could be bothered to muster up the motivation that is! Quite frankly I just want to start my life, I’m excited to get out there and experience things, my first house, possibly moving in with the other half, my first proper job and hopefully learning to drive and getting a new car! As a result I am struggling to find any motivation for uni work, I mean why should I need to do a dissertation?? I’m never going to have to do one again! Surely I should just start learning more about what you would be expected to do in your chosen profession and revision! ppfftttt why! Why can’t you judge us based on our ability to carry out a job effectively not test whether we can successfully overcome our short-term memory loss! (For those of you out there, yes I am aware that uni prepares you for future careers but trust me when you’re in it, that is definitely not how you feel!).

Therefore I am taking a metaphorical stand with Jeremy Kyle, my new best friend…

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