Managing Anxiety…

Possibly even harder to manage than depression!

With depression your aware you feel down and that it’s not going to suddenly spring up on you! Instead it grows slowly, but not anxiety…

True you may feel anxious all the time, your chest may feel tight, you may be on edge and get sweaty/clammy, but all of a sudden BAM! It heightens and heightens and can heighten to the extent that an anxiety/panic attack forms. So, how do you deal with it?

I can only speak from personal experience and I am by no means a professional, but I would like to share with you techniques in hope they could help someone.

First step, sounds simple enough but BREATHE! Most people breathe through their chest, women in particular, to give the appearance of having a slimmer stomach, this won’t help though, so let that stomach out and show the world your pot belly and…bbbrreeaatthheee….. First step, check! Next, I know the world is a scary place, and anything that brings anxiety on in general, whether its work, an activity, a person, take a step back and look at the situation and access from a third-party, pretend you are quietly observing and think, realistically what is going to happen? whats the worst that could happen? Whether the outcome is scary or not, if you end up with only one ending (well….your better than most of us!) then surely that one ending is better than 100?

Another thing to help, is to write down all the things you want to achieve in the day ONLY! But be realistic otherwise this won’t work. This is obviously more related to work/studies but it could be applied to everyday life 🙂 Going into town, list what you want to do and keep your head down and just do what you need to do, tick each item off the list when you’ve done it and you will feel better, it won’t all seem so impossible to achieve meaning that you won’t feel the urgent need to hibernate and hope they all go away! I have been trying this method for the past few days and personally I have it is helping.

I know these things aren’t necessarily life changing and there will be some days where they help and others where they won’t, but anxiety is hard to deal with and is highly unpredictable so every little helps right?

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