Procrastinating rant…

Aahhhh procrastination…the biggest issue when it comes to exams!
Why? Just why?!
Just in case you haven’t guessed I am indeed revising for two exams at the end of January, I am nervous as they are written essays and I’m not the best at them, but for some reason I just can’t work up the motivation to peel my eyelids back and stare at paper with fancy colours, doodles, mind maps and whatever else you use to revise! I mean after education the majority of us aren’t going to take exams like this again! So effectively all this revision is doing is seeing whether I can overcome my short term memory loss!
I’m sitting here wishing that I could just scan or eat the information I need and instantly remember it! (If only!)
When your revising the littlest things become interesting! I was sat here drinking my cup of tea when oh look! A receipt! I should really do my ironing this week, I should really start making my bed so it doesn’t look soooo comfy… Yes these were some of the thoughts I had! 😆
But I guess at the end of the day this revision isn’t going to get done itself, no matter how much I want it to and the abuse I’m hurling at it definitely isn’t going to help! I mean if you want revision to do itself surely insulting it isn’t the right way to go about it…..right?
Anyway! I should really stop rambling and get back to……oh! I should really re spray my flowers so they give off a nice sent! (Don’t worry they are fake!)


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