People in exams…

I thought i’d stick with a theme! First off I apologies for the late post, I have had exams for the past couple of days!

So staying on that theme, when your’e in an exam you really start to notice all they annoying, weird things people do!

My first exam I had someone from a completely different one on the row next to me and she decided it was ok to a) talk to herself and b) talk to the guy next to her! The guy then continued it on by asking her questions and talking to another guy in front of him! I think everyone can suss that its NOT ok to talk in exams, if you are talking whether its to yourself or not, its annoying and disrespectful to those around you! To make it worse she then told off the invigilator for talking to the girl behind me! I have to say though it was satisfying when the girl complained about her and the other two…..(Yesssssss!)

The next are the ones who think its ok to constantly tap the table, flick their pens, tap something with their foot and in general just pretending they are performing in a rock band……well I on behalf of everyone else am here to tell you that NO, just no….

Next up are those who are frantically writing throughout the whole of the exam and don’t seem to stop to even think, if i’m honest this is only annoying because you wish that you could swap brains temporarily, you know these people are going to get a high grade….damn them!

Last but not least are the invigilators themselves….Having them walk up and down slowly next to you like they are patrolling a prison and stopping to talk to each other about nothing relevant is both annoying and disrespectful, are they writing this exam?! They also have a tendency to tell you or make an annoying comment which has already been sorted out halfway through whilst your having a really good brainwave and once they’ve gone away you…you……what was I saying???

I don’t mean to be annoying but there is a limit in exams, no matter how much you hate them, you have to take them and you are all in the same boat and most people recognize this and respect the fact that you are all in this together, fighting this battle against examining boards, slaying the blank space in front of you and secretly swearing at anyone who you can think of that has anything to do with creating exams. Fin.

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