Now that’s a scary word! Some people are naturally born with the ability to be confident, for the rest of us it takes a lot of practice and skill to even pretend to be confident.

Here are a few tips on how to ‘pretend’ confidence:

1. Act! I am definitely not one for performing in front of people but by putting yourself into a role of your choice it can be easy to  hold your head up high and strut your stuff like you’re the only person around!

2. Remember you are special in your own way, you have attributes that someone may not, you may be academic, musical, theatrical, artistic or have a model physique, that doesn’t mean you should compare yourself to someone else, everyone is different.

3. People are judging you? pffttt……and??? clearly they are bored and are jealous of how awesome you are! You go and show them what your made of!

4. Think to yourself, why do I not feel confident? Just because you’re not as good-looking or intelligent as someone else it doesn’t mean you need to hide away!

5. Laugh at yourself! Your standing up there and you trip or fluff up a speech….LOL! Make a joke and get everyone laughing with you, that way you will relax and so will they!

6. Wear something that makes you feel confident and suits you, wearing something you’re not comfortable in makes you feel self-conscious and that everyone’s judging you.

7. Remember, realistically who is really looking at your chipped nails, crazy hair or that annoying flab that moves when you walk (trust me its meant to!).

8. If all else fails and you don’t feel confident and you can’t even fake it….Imagine everyone as a vegetable….at least you’ll be laughing!

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