Journal Writing…

Yes, I have recently started up a journal, writing in it diligently every evening before I snuggle down to go to sleep. The point? I can do the generic ‘what I did in my day’ but I can also choose how much I want to write, I can sum it up in a short paragraph or I can write until my hand falls off.

I thought it was going to be one of those things where I think ‘yeah this will be a really good idea’ and keep it up for the long period of two days…It has in fact been a whole week! and I intend to continue with it as I find that if anything is bothering me or I am in a low mood I can just continue to write whatever i’m feeling, without annoying anyone or having to do anything that means I have to leave my bed. True quite a lot of the time I cant be bothered to write in it, but I force myself too and if i’m having one of those bad days looking at what you have written is actually really helpful, its like a third person perspective, you can see what your feeling and you can see if there is a possible solution, or on many occasions I have find just being a dickhead.

For all of you out there considering whether to start a journal, Yes! not only does it allow you to relive memories, it also allows you to write how you feel, in secret, without having to take anything else into account or worrying about what people would think, its just you, the pen and the paper and sometimes that’s the most effective way of doing things.


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