The power of tea…

Tea! I have always drunk tea but have never loved it. Ever since ive been to Uni, tea is the most amazing thing! I now understand why adults say ‘have a cup of tea’ or ‘a cup of tea solves everything’. Yes yes it does!

Tea is now my solace, I have so many different types and I love them all equally, whenever im feeling down I have a nice cup of tea, usually PG tips or a nice Lady Grey, and i instantly feel that little bit calmer, I can sip my tea curled up in my chair or my bed. I guess what i’m trying to say is that tea has never let me down, whenever I have a cup, whatever it is, however i’m feeling it helps in some way.

To anyone whose feeling down I recommend tea! it helps me on those days where i really dont want to get out of bed or when i’m struggling to work up the motivation to start work. Just to prove it I have discovered that my boyfriend makes an amazing cup of tea! So whenever he knows im down or if hes with me he will always make me one and I will love him all the more for it! ❤


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