I am Invincible…

Cue spur of the moment blog post!

Truthfully this post has originated from me listening to the new Kelly Clarkson album (Its awesome BTW!) and her song Invincible got me thinking…

I and i’m sure many of you have spent your lives under everyone else, too afraid to speak out, too afraid of what people will think and too afraid of what could happen. That got me thinking the people we are too afraid to speak out against don’t care so why should we? Why should I forfeit something I want to do or my opinion just because I don’t want the backlash? I was never in the ‘popular crowd’ at school but now I realise that the only thing that made up that crowd – at my school anyway- was the fact that they were all loud, not afraid to speak out and all working to please each other. I was not born into this world to please people just because they are judgmental, controlling narcissists!

I am me and I have things I want to do, so from now on I will try to voice my opinion, step out of the shadow of other people and try and get me to where want to be, not where anyone dictates where I should be. So stuff the haters who think its OK to judge and put people down, clearly they are just jealous of what you’ve got…

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