A tangled web of emotions…

The past few days have been full of emotional lows with the odd high.

I hate the feeling of not knowing where I am and not knowing why i’m feeling like I am, I want to tell you though that its OK to feel like a bowl full of spaghetti sometimes, its fine to not know why your feeling so low or why you feel like crying, I know you will feel like there isn’t a justification for you being moody, grumpy, irritable and sad but does there really need to be?

I guess if your like me and have anxiety and depression you have these moments more than usual but this is to everyone out there who feels confused and vulnerable because you just don’t know why your in this strange mood! Its OK to feel like your feeling, its OK to cry even if you don’t know why.

A little hint! If the person you most trust in your life asks you whats up? Don’t say ‘nothing i’m fine’, as I found out last night, let it ALL out and I really mean ALL of it. You may not know whats up but 99% of the time you will start talking about something completely random and eventually you will realise that the things you are talking about have actually been the things that have been bothering you, whether you knew it or not.

Love to you guys and if you need that person to talk to, hey i’m here.

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