The student stereotype…

Specifically when it comes to accommodation!

I am currently living in a studio flat which is £777 a month….That is what my loan is spent on, just rent….. £777 and I don’t have a plug…. I know this sounds like such a trivial thing, as my dad keeps telling me I can go out and buy one, but me being me, has decided to be incredibly stubborn, I refuse to measure the plug and go out and buy one because it’s such a basic necessity it’s something that I shouldn’t need to think about! I mean with the amount i’m paying…a plug…..! And because I am a student I have complained four times and the receptionists three and nothing has been done about it! I had a similar incident last yeah when my freezer door in the fridge didn’t shut properly, again it sounds trivial and the guy also thought so but I lost around £100 worth of food from the freezer being too warm and the fridge being too cold! I’m not being funny but for the amount I pay and with my ‘problems’ merely being trivial surely it must just be a quick fix???

Friends have also had the same problem when finding their own house to rent, in fact one group of friends found a lovely house which was clean and tidy and even had a small garden, they are decent people and rarely get drunk, so ‘trashing’ houses isn’t on their list of things to do, yet thanks to students who just ‘muck around’ and don’t treat things with respect as soon as they found out they were students they weren’t allowed to rent the house, instead they ended up with a smelly, dirty, run down house which is for students….

So because we are paying £9,000 for a course to get a job we are left with the worst accommodation and aren’t taken seriously when something goes wrong, just because some students decide to live up to their give stereotype.


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