Period talk…

I know its not the best topic to read about on a Monday but it needs to be done!

I recently came across a campaign by a student when her project – a series of pictures about the menstrual cycle – got taken down by instagram. Her point was not to gross people out, but to say hey, this is apparently a taboo topic but its something that happens naturally and it needs to be dealt with.

Similar to the breast feeding in public debate going on, at one point no one batted an eyelid, now it offends people……..seriously?! I mean I can understand if nothing is covered and its being pushed into your face, but impart from that, grow up people! Its similar to periods. In some cultures – not meaning to offend anyone!- its seen as ‘unclean’…..I’m so sorry I didn’t realise that something that isn’t my choice and gives you the child you want makes me ‘dirty’.

It does annoy me, and most around me, that when you have a period, all the troubles that come along with it are awkward and embarrassing to talk about! I understand it is a personal topic but it happens :/ I don’t want to single out men as its just a select few who think the whole thing is a joke, typically the phrase ‘oh it must be that time of the month’. I admit sometimes yes but maybe your comment annoyed us? Maybe we had a bad day? Just please STOP.

It really isn’t a nice thing to go through, it isn’t glamorous and every month brings a different thing! Sometimes you feel like a waterfall, others a little drop of rain, sometimes you get really bad back ache and sometimes its cramps like there’s no tomorrow! Sometimes we feel really sick and don’t want to do anything, sometimes we are so confused as to why we are crying as there is no valid reason except that because it may be ‘that time of the month’ our hormones are running riot and make us feel like a spaghetti junction of emotions and no we don’t know why, so just humor us….OK?

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who puts up with me ranting and raving about what symptoms I have this time and why I hate them, some days I feel so awful a just want to snuggle up and sleep through it, other times I can’t stand up properly because i’m in a lot of pain, but, each time he does the best he can to help and has never used the phrase ‘oohhh is it that time of the month’.

So seriously to everyone out there, including the makers of pads and tampons, WE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS! STOP joking about it, STOP making tampons and pads RIDICULOUS prices and being cheeky and not putting just enough pads in (if you decide to use just them) so you have to buy two packs…..SERIOUSLY???

And guys? I know we are A LOT of work and it can be really horrible to live with us but just stay neutral and don’t take anything we say or do to heart and if we want a hug please give us a lovely snugly one as it makes us feel better and puts you in the good books! We are truly sorry but there is a GOOD reason as to why we are like we are.

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