Gender Today…

I would like to start off by saying that I am in no way against feminism, I just think it’s strange how female independence, although an amazing development has produced some very prevalent problems to how society was, let’s say 50 years ago. Most poignantly safety and respect. Before the rise of the ‘independent woman’, wearing outfits that just cover our derrière and staying out at bars and clubs till the early hours of the morning just didn’t happen! We would be tucked up fast asleep in bed next to our husbands, the protector, the provider, the family man and the gentleman, but what I have found myself looking at is the difference between the old and the new age gentleman, is it really a development? I say this because as woman have become stronger and discovered freedom, they have also been penalised, for example the view that women who are raped or sexually assaulted are responsible and if they hadn’t of acted in a certain way or dressed in that LBD it wouldn’t of happened to them. REALLY?! unless there is substantial evidence to suggest otherwise, I’m calling bullshit! No women or man for that matter would choose to be raped. Women are now thought more as sexual objects, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the intimidation and pure annoyance that come with the bad wolf whistles, rude remarks and explicit requests makes me sometimes wish that if men acted as ‘gentlemanly’ as they did 50 years ago the world would be more comfortable to live in! Even things as simple as ‘ladies first’ or just simply holding a door open is now a rarity and I feel as though all these things combined have made us females tougher and bitchier because we have to be in order to shake off the comments and ignorant arseholes that think we really find crude comments flattering……personally I’d rather go out with a toilet.

I am aware there are many other factors and females do put themselves in silly situations etc that I haven’t mentioned but a modern gentleman -to me anyway- is someone who treats you like a lady, makes you feel safe and respects you enough to let you spread your wings.

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