‘It will all get better in time’…

Technically yes but when? When has always been my question.

I guess it depends on the area you are trying to heal. I overheard someone saying that they are frustrated and annoyed that they have gotten over a break up that happened a month ago, this got me thinking, does it get easier? I guess not, yet this is such a complex answer and got me thinking…

My Granddads death – 9 years ago = Still haven’t properly got over it, as embarrassing as that is to admit, but thinking about it I was very close to him and looked up to him as an inspiration.

My First relationship – Last 4 months (LOL!) = 1 year, although I think this was because I was very naive back then and I’m that type of person who likes to understand why someone has said no etc, he dumped me and whilst doing it kept saying he didn’t want to and never gave an answer during, I still have no idea why he dumped me which is somewhat annoying but I couldn’t care less!

My Nanny’s death – 12(ish) years ago = a few months, attmitedly this was before my granddad and his soulmate, I thik one of the reasons I accepted her death so quickly is because she died from bone cancer and I had seen her deteriorate to just skin and bone, she was unable to do anything for herself and although I was young in a way I was happy she had gone as I knew she was no longer in the excruciating pain she had previously been in.

My dad loosing his job – 6 years ago = I am still so angry, bitter and twisted over this, for many reasons, it wasn’t his fault and because he is now over 50 he is not being given a chance yet I know that he has always gained respect and promotions quickly to managerial positions.  It makes me angry because he has worked all his life and has done everything he can for me, my sister and mum, to see how far he has fallen in himself hurts.

There are so many more  situations I can think of but for anyone going through anything right now, it’s true time is a good healer but don’t expect it to work quickly, time is indefinite so don’t panic, however, bad you feel now it will get better, try and tell yourself that.


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