The Space around us…

Its funny how something that isn’t physically there means something different to each of us. 

Those good old rebellious teen years where that space around us needs to be free from parents and restrictions and when we are older we can’t bare for that space to be free, we want to be surrounded by friends and family and put the days of wanting that empty space behind us. 

Of course everyone is different, some people just want to be left alone with their blank space no matter what stage of their life they are at, others couldn’t think of anything worse. 

My space means a lot to me and I regularly switch between wanting it all to myself and wanting to share it with someone. I love having my own space, it’s something very sacred to me, my time to be myself, my time to chill, my time to do what I want without getting in anyone’s way, my time to myself. Whether this time is good or bad I still appreciate it and is something I have learned to appreciate as I’ve gotten older.

Strangely it’s been more of a struggle, for me personally, to appreciate the time spent in that space with those around me. I’m still learning but I’m getting there, I enjoy having my boyfriend and friends around me and over the past couple of months I have increasingly enjoyed having my family close. 

In a few months I’ll be celebrating my 21st and unlike many I want to spend it with my family and boyfriend together, I can’t wait! 


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