The end of an era…


This time tomorrow I would’ve finished my university degree! The past three years have been a definite whirl wind, full of ups and downs, ins and outs and rights and lefts!

They have also been a struggle personally for me, I was diagnosed with’mild depression’ and ‘severe anxiety’. This is something I have struggled with for a while, but have never completely acknowledged it. Along with this came a lack of self belief with some periods of positivity but mostly negativity. After completing my last exam a few hours ago, I made myself a big cup of tea and sat down to enjoy. I came to the realisation that i’ve spent so much time being negative and letting this beat me I forgot to think about the bigger picture. My normal thinking is ‘so what, there are lots of people who complete University’. Now i’m thinking ‘Wow, I’ve completed a University degree! I have done essay upon essay with reports on reports and finally I have conducted my own research study and finished all exams and although I may not have done well in all of them, I still passed them! I have survived on my own, I’ve managed my finances and sorted out my own problems. Admittedly, although I shouldn’t even be saying that! I’m actually proud of myself. Here’s hoping that the hard work has paid off!

Good luck to all of you out there going through challenges in your life and to those who are working towards goals and achievements.

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