An Open Letter to my Boyfriend…

Uni is over and we our holiday has been and passed. I know over the past few weeks I have been up and down, left and right and on and off. I have made you feel as though you have upset me, for this I am sorry. If i’m honest I have no idea what I am saying or why I am writing this but I figured this would be quicker than the post…I can tell you to look at it after 😉

I know you feel sometimes as though you ruin things and think you should do more for me. It upsets me that I make you feel like this as deep down you have seen me and my lowest point and have picked me up and dusted me off at every turn. You have been my best friend for 5/6 years now and i’m not sure what I would have done without you, and i’m not sure what ‘d do. I feel as though I have not properly told you this before but I have just been reading something and it said that often couples fall into the rut of taking their frustrations out on each other instead of helping to build each other up. I believe we fall it this category, you always try and build me up and I make it very hard but each time you have never left my side.

I want you to know that inside the love and admiration I feel like you cannot be compared to anything else, even when i’m taking m frustrations out on you I always admire the way you deal with me, the way you hug me to calm me down, the way you push me to tell you whats wrong because even though i’m yelling at you and don’t want to say we both know that I will feel better afterwards, the way you wrap your arms around me when I feel as though i’m going to come crumbling down. You do all of this and so much more and I want you to know that although I don’t show it I appreciate everything you do and love you so much. I promise i’m trying, I have a long way to go before I can match your level of effort but I promise you I will try.

PS: Next time you’re down do you fancy a date to the ice rink?

Love you ❤

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