Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

New category for this blog! 

I started this because books are a passion of mine, I love reading them, feeling them and smelling them so I thought it only apt! 

Naturally with the release of the film I became curious to investigate all the hype. I havnt yet watched the film as I wanted to read the book first. 

I did have expectations, I thought it would be fast paced and gripping and whilst I enjoyed it very much I didn’t find it to be either of these. It was slower than I expected but the writing was spectacular. The story was complicated and well thought out yet written effortlessly. The character of Amy I thought was the most complicated and intricate and unexpected yet psychotic. Although you know you shouldn’t like Amy, you can’t help but feel for her, we’ve all been in the position where we become different versions of ourselves and unfortunately possibly cheated on, the character delved into the dark unspoken areas of relationships. Amy’s character is complicated, twisted and manipulative which is in stark contrast to Nicks character being straight forward, simple and unassuming. In short the story is a complicated twist of a relationship where Amy sets out to unravel Nick with surprising results…


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