Big changes in a little world…

Fresh out of uni and I have managed to find myself a job! I feel very grateful for this as it was just after my interview when it was announced that there is an all time high for students working in cafes and shops, unable to find a job in their field. 

I am however, starting to get really nervous, I know I have moved away from home before but that was never permanent and this feels very different and VERY real! The move is a good two hour drive away and I have not yet passed my test so I won’t be able to visit that often. I am surprised by how much this thought has bothered me as I don’t mind living away from home but I guess having that freedom at uni to come and go made a big difference! (Even thou I don’t like admitting it….). 

The job itself is going to be tough as I am effectively a surrogate mum at a small specialised school for girls with really bad pasts. I don’t think the emotional side will bother me as much as everyone says it probably will, then again I could be very wrong, but the thing that is bothering me is the first month or so of the job. People who I have spoken to who work there have said that I will be tested by the girls to see how I react to limits etc, they have also told me that I am likely to be punched, kicked, spat at etc. this is something that worries me as I’m not the strongest person and physically it could be quite a challenge! 

Although I am worried and REALLY nervous, every time I go there I feel as though I could fit in well and the worries slowly fade, I am hoping this will be the case as I am staying there for two years! 

I guess bring it on…? 


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