Moving back home – starting a new chapter…

So life has happened again!

My landlords mum has got involved and has decided that because she wants more money she is going to put the house up for let and is kicking me out. She hasn’t actually said that but that’s effectively what has happened…

After a few days worrying one of my friends has agreed to babysit my boys (Guinea Pigs Percy and Diesel) for which I am eternally grateful! I don’t know what I’d do if I have to get rid of them!

I am making the trek back down to home Friday and my dad is coming to pick me up so this week I am busy with packing and sorting. Something that is bothering me which surprisingly isn’t moving back home, is feeling like i’m being a burden on everyone! Everyone is having to make room to accommodate me which is frustrating and annoying!  Whilst some of them may not think that its something that is really bugging me especially when I cant do anything about it.

My second issue with moving is that the driving instructor I have currently is my third and BEST instructor ever. He is so good and lovely and I feel as though I have learnt so much in a short space of time compared to my previous too and my confidence has grown as well which was part of the issue for me. I am not looking forward to going back home and finding a new instructor, hopefully it will be my final one…!

My plan at the moment is to get a temporary job when i’m back home whilst applying for my career starter although at the moment I am up to my eyeballs in applications which are always the same questions just worded differently! That’s just me being lazy though I guess. But yes I am here to tell life to sort itself out for everyone that it’s being unfair to because, ya know….its unfair…

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