It must be a 2 day thing…

So as those of you who have read my previous post know, I have moved back home.

My sister recently got a job in a retail store and put me forward for the available supervisor position which I got.

The role was exciting as although retail isn’t something I wanted to go back into I was excited about the prospect of a higher position. My first shift was boring as expected but I had a good time with the lovely manager. A good old laugh ensued!

The day after my shift, ie: the second day of employment (you see a theme?)… I got a phone call saying that the building the store is in has been bought out and thus both me and my sister will be out of a job.

I have to say this is starting to get tedious now! I have an interview tomorrow for the same job I was at before I moved home and am undecided as to whether I am looking forward to it or not. After all the recent months commotion and the rather large phone bill that has racked up from sorting all of this crap out!

If life could be kicked in the set of non existent balls I’d have a good go…


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