The Monday Blues…

It’s not all blue though….firstly I conquered an aspect of my anxiety which is going out drinking for my friends party over the weekend, I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed it and had a great night!

The second is that although the basis of this post is frustration the underlying reason is that I have a new job….yay!

You may be thinking so why the hell are you complaining?! Well….the simple answer to that is that it’s just what I do! The more complicated answer is anxiety driven…for some annoying reason I tend to hang on to things way longer than I should and I have never been a positive person so that doesn’t help…

My problem is that from where I was made jobless I now have no money to move again for this job and no money for anything really…Parents aren’t an option so somehow I have to find the money to rent a van, which last time was Ā£300 just for the deposit, a deposit and potential first months rent for a room rental and travel money for a month until I get paid… You see my dilemma??? is what my life currently consists of on this dull Monday and I do feel as though I’m going a bit crazy… than normal!

I am so happy to be starting this new job in the near future, it’s just getting to the job that I’m not looking forward too!


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