As you are aware if you have been reading my previous posts I got a new job and was looking for a room on

The update is that i have moved, the boys have indeed come with me and the couple i’m living with are very nice! I am starting my new job tomorrow and have been on two training courses.

However! yes there is another however…….My start was put on hold as two original certificates got lost in the post! Considering that the pair are £100 to replace and my funds are scary to look at to say the least, you can imagine I was not best pleased! However I have managed to get a free copy of one and the company have accepted a photocopy I had of the other, although this one will still need to be renewed…Damn!

At the moment the most frustrating thing is not being able to drive as it means I am shelling out a fortune (which I don’t have) on various transport whilst simultaneously relying on others to cart me places. I have however, managed to book my practical test for January which I am hoping I will pass first time…Fingers crossed!




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