What MAKES a mother..?

Every single one of us has a biological mother. Note how I say biological, because even though they gave birth to us and are related through blood does that really mean the title of mum goes to them? From working in the environment I do every shift one of the staff gets called mum and each time we have to sit there and say no, I care for you but i’m not your mum. I’m not trying to put a downer on the upcoming mothers day (I for one love my mum very much!) I just want to put another spin on it.

Due to the abuse the children I work with have suffered unfortunately, we can’t give them all the care and love in the world as it will confuse and add to trauma, but for me the good foster families, care homes and adoptions out there are more deserving of the title mum if the child has suffered abuse (obviously situation dependent) but the children I look after for example have received more care from us in their placements than they did for the years they lived at home with parents or a parent.

Biologically you have the title mum but emotionally, physically and psychologically? That’s a whole other ball game…


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