Expressing Self harm…

Self harm is a topic that is so important yet rarely spoken about.

It seems very hush-hush and frowned upon when actually its something that needs to be worked with and understood. In the job that I have one of the children self harms on a fairly frequent basis. Over the past few months the self harm has gone from more severe cuts in places which adults can’t see to superficial scratches which she makes a point of showing.

The reason she does this is because she wants people to know how she’s feeling and where she’s at emotionally and mentally. As a solution for her, instead of cutting herself because she doesn’t know how to verbalize it, we have given her a red ribbon to tie around her wrist whenever she feels as though she needs to harm herself then take it off when she’s in a better place and feels as though she has talked enough to work through what she’s feeling.

Obviously not everyone will be at this stage where they want to show of scars/cuts and maybe never will, but for those of you who are at a stage like this girl I thought I’d mention this as an idea for you to try.

To those of you who do self harm, it gets better, you can push through it and although its hard get the help for yourself.



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