What I wish people would’ve told me…

I went to a school where they told me three times I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to follow my dreams, I was constantly laughed at by classmates, rumours were spread and I followed rules and restrictions because I couldn’t be bothered with all the drama. 

Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of times I argued with my parents and did the odd thing to try and defy those around me but at the end of the day when push came to shove I did what was expected of me whether I liked it or not. Now I’m 22 and am regretting not doing things my way (within reason) and pushing for what I want. 

When I was a child I was carefree and enjoyed life, now I feel like a shell, an angry ball of energy that is waiting to explode. I feel about 10mm tall and question everything I do and whether I do it right. 

Now I wish someone would’ve say there and said you may not be academic but when you work at it you can and will achieve it, I wish someone would’ve said it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you enjoy it and enjoy life, I wish there would’ve been someone who stood by me through everything, talking me out of the bad situations but in a way that was supportive instead of repressive and building my confidence so I believed in myself and what I was doing. 

Now I wish that someone would be around to pick up my pieces and put them together but now that I’m older I realise that I have to do this myself but in doing so I know I’ll get stronger and at some point enjoy life again. 

I can assure you that if I ever have children I will try my very best to support them through obstacles and help them to enjoy their lives so when they get older they will be strong and happy both within themselves and with what’s around them. 

2 thoughts on “What I wish people would’ve told me…

  1. This post is such an important message. I 100% agree with what you said about ‘you may not be academic but when you work at it you can and will achieve it’, and something I am working on myself as I have always struggled academically and some how I’ve made it to university and am now in my last year. Once again amazing post!

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