How to: help prevent anxiety attacks…

Easier said than done I hear you say! And yes you would be right, once you’re in that state its soooo hard to stop yourself but it can be possible. It won’t happen every time you have one, I can’t even guarantee it will help you at all as everyone’s different but from my experience I’d like to share some of the stuff that helps me. 

Anxiety is something that changes the way you think so stopping this is of course going to be hard so here’s some tips: 

1) Calm yourself down – yes yes, ‘how the hell am I meant to do that?’ I hear you yell, there is no short way but what I try and do is slip into ‘logical mode’. This mode I question myself, why are you getting annoyed/stressed at this? What is the worst that can happen? If you are annoyed at a person, is it really them you’re annoyed at?  I question myself because eventually it makes me really think about why I’m annoyed and whether there is reason to be which calms me down because I realise how ridiculous I am usually being, it also enables me to think more clearly. 

2) Breathe – as simple and basic as this may sound it can help to deal with the physical sides, sweating, irratic breathing and heartbeats and that heavy feeling in your chest to name just a few. Also dealing with the physical side can help to calm down the mental side also. As awful as it may feel, relax your stomach so you aren’t sucking it in to make yourself look skinny! Breathe in through your stomach and out slowly. Really focus on deep breathing, focus on your breath and stomach going in and out, count five slow seconds in and out and repeat until you feel a bit calmer. 

3) Distract yourself – if you have reached your limit and nothing will help a simple distraction could be your last resort. If you’re struggling with where to eat when you’re out, for example, think about and go into some of the nearby shops. Give yourself a few minutes to chill and clear your mind. Or ideally if someone else is there ask them to decide! 

4) Talk to someone – I personally hate this one as it’s something that I hate doing it there are times when I need someone to help me think logically and unscramble my brain. If you’re with someone close to you and someone who you trust tell them how you’re feeling and what you need. Or if you’re on your own give someone a ring and talk it through, choosing the right person can really help in that situation where you feel all haywire! 

I hope that some of these can help any of you suffering with anxiety or other related mental health disorders that are similar.


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