My Top 5 Tips for Surviving Uni…

I am going to start off by saying that unlike the majority of people my University days weren’t my favourite but nevertheless I picked up a few tips here and there.

1.Be Bothered – This may seem like a strange one as the end game is to get your
self a degree, however, I think everyone who has experienced college or uni, at some point, would’ve thought ‘i’ll do that later’ when deep down you know you won’t. Yes, I thought so too. If you don’t finish notes in a lecture, finish them. Having a slow week in between assignments?  Start one. Whether its research, writing or even checking a fact, do it. I can guarantee you will end up doing it anyway!

2. Ask for help – I was always worried that my tutors would blacklist me for sending them       too many emails or turning up to their office hours too often and it wasn’t until I had a   rubbish dissertation tutor where  I thought ‘hang on a sec, I am paying full university fees, this is your job to support me is it not?’. Don’t be perturbed by grumpiness! If they aren’t answering your emails, go and find them! (Of course not all tutors are like this!).

3. Get Involved – Again, this seems like an important factor in uni life but if you’re like me and you let anxiety get the better of you then it does impact on the type of university experience you have. Towards the end of my degree I did wish that I would’ve actually gone to some of the clubs I signed up for as I had more time then!

4. Don’t get too excited when your money comes in – Sooooo many of my friends just went out and spent their loan/grant then had to live off baked beans till the next lot came in (seriously one of my flatmates ended up borrowing thousands from her parents!). I tried to save mine and found it more rewarding at the end of each year to treat myself to a big little something…It also feels much better when you go out with friends!

5. Know your limits – I found it so important not to cave into what everyone else was doing, ie: a lot of drinking and drugs! I’m not saying don’t do these things, I’m saying do them within your limits. Putting yourself in dangerous situations isn’t the best idea you will have so stay safe but have fun! If someone you are with is a hardened drinker and has already downed five pints of whatever, it’s ok you don’t have to race them! They will appreciate your company either way…they won’t notice when they’re drunk anyway!


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