Writers Block…

I have it… I keep looking at my blog post ideas book and thinking ‘nah’ to Every. Single. Idea. It’s something that’s really annoying because normally I have so much to talk about! 

The more frustrated you get with it the more you feel blocked! And the harder you think the more nothing sounds or feels right. It feels as though nothing right is good enough, that everyone’s going to hate it, no one will read it etc. It’s such a strange pressure to put on yourself when it’s something I do, and others do, as a hobby. There isn’t a deadline or expectation yet we create one. I always try to get mine out on the days I set at exactly the right times, I put the pressure on myself to do that because I enjoy writing my blogs. 

True it’s not like I get a lot of readers but I enjoy writing and I like interacting with all of you out there, it’s a nice space of the Internet to be in so when the dreaded writers block happens it’s like a countdown of a ticking bomb to get a blog post out and find it in the depths of your mind! It’ll be in there somewhere, won’t it? 

Does anyone else get this? What do you guys do? 


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