World Mental Health Day!

Hello everyone!

It’s world Mental Health day so I thought I may as well do a post thats relevant!

Although Mental Health awareness has increased over the past few years it still isn’t where it needs to be. There are so many people who suffer with forms of mental illness, anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia just to name a few. Whether you suffer severely or minimally it shouldn’t make a difference, mental health is mental health and just because it can’t be seen, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be heard.

Having a mental health disorder can be such an isolating thing, feeling as though you can’t or have no one to talk to in the world around you has a negative effect. For all of you suffering out there. Stop. I don’t mean stop suffering, I mean stop listening to stigmas and people who’d rather ignore it because they haven’t experienced it or are scared of it. It’s NOT something,thing to be ashamed of.  Whatever you ‘suffer’ from, own it. Make it yours.  Find that person you can rely on and that solution you need. You are your own person and having a mental health disorder doesn’t change that.

Personally I think that it will only make you stronger. You will have more experience of highs and lows, more experience of overcoming hardships in life and experience of fighting through the low to come back out stronger the other end. It may not feel like an achievement going through a low, especially if you are currently in one. But think about it, you have been that low, had dark thoughts going round your head, potentially done dark things, but…you are still here. 

If you suffer from any mental illness, own it. Make it your own strength, your own super power. 


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