Being in a Long Distance Relationship…

Is sssoooo hard!

My partners take on it is that we make the most of when we do see each other amd to look forward to these moments. He really tries with this and although he has his days manages it well.

Me on the other hand……Not so much…

I get frustrated a lot and quite often this is directed his way and unfairly so. I get frustrated over not being able to see each other more than once a month (my shift patterns), I get frustrated its only him who can drive and therefore usually falls on him to make the journey to spend time together and I get frustrated that I can’t just give him a hug when I want to. There are so many things that are frustrating about long distance relationships but recently I’ve been trying my hardest to be a bit more positive…

After having a conversation with someone who’s in a similar situation I realised that actually, it won’t be forever. Yes its been like this so far throughout our relationship but there are goals that we are slowly working our way towards, putting down a deposit, driving lessons etc. There will be a time where we will be together and do what we want to be able to do.  I also realised that actually although we are in a long distance relationship whenever we need each other we are still there and although it may not be exactly in the way we want I know that he will always be there and vice versa. My final realisation was that actually, I’d rather be in a relationship with him and be long distance than not have him around at all.

Although relationships aren’t simple and have to be worked at I am trying to be more positive and simplify the situation down into the above three ‘realizations’.

I have only been trying this for a week or so and I feel more relaxed and less anxious about wanting to change and rush the situation.

To those of you out there in a long distance relationship, If you can’t imagine life without your other person….Keep going! Persevere, communicate and enjoy the moments you have together…



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