A sense of Community…

Communities appear in everyday life and whether we want to be or not we are all part of one. Being in a tough work environment, community to me feels really important, whether its the long hours, difficult shifts you need that sense of community to be able to push through and help you develop.

Of course at points there are going to be times where people don’t get on, it’s part of life, we clash, we fight and we make up but whats really hard is when you don’t feel art of that community. In an already difficult environment not feeling part of that community, a ‘rota filler’ as I describe it, feels very isolating and degrading. It can leave you feeling like your’re worthless and it wouldn’t matter if you aren’t around. So how do you overcome that?

In all honesty sometimes you can’t but simply accepting that people will let you down and disappoint you makes it easier. Expecting too much of people doesn’t help the feeling of not belonging. Just accept that no people are going to let me down, its what you do with this that counts. I have to say I learnt this the hard way, getting wound up about the lack of support isn’t going to help how you feel. Accept it, man up and deal with it yourself, not only will this help you be prepared for the next let down it’ll give you a sense of achievement that you have managed to sort whatever it is through yourself no matter how annoyed you are!

So if you are one of those people who value that support, look at what support you already have, it may not be the support you want but its there…

Tell me what you do in this situation? How do you manage this?


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