It’s on a downer…

When I say it I mean my life… In the most dramatic sense possible.

It’s not really that bad but I feel as though it is. I haven’t blogged in a while as a couple of weeks ago I decided to make a difficult decision and quit my job, the support wasn’t there and I felt as though I was putting myself in a dangerous situation by even going into work.

As a result for the past couple of weeks I have been sitting here wanting to throw my laptop against the wall and disappear to a remote island in a puff of smoke. It may not seem like the worst scenario in the world but the timing is. I’ve missed birthdays and will miss Christmas due to lack of funds which makes me feel like the worst person in the world. It is right now that I wish I could make a living out of blogging! Granted i’d need to actually blog for that to happen…..

Everyday feels like a drain, waking up and feeling like a failure. Days come and go and all you do is stare at the same screen, hoping something will pop up. Saying this there are also those days, albeit few and far between, where you feel like you will conquer anything and this is just a minor hiccup. This feeling quickly goes once you’ve spent a couple of hours job hunting…

To those of you out there in the same position, search and search, you will get there and it will get better in the end…


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