New Year’s Theme | Why i’m scrapping resolutions…

Yes, yes I am scrapping the resolutions this year, but hear me out…

I asked my partner what his resolutions were and he said ‘I don’t do them anymore’. Whhaaa..????? As it turns out he has a much better idea…

Themes. Sticking with a theme throughout the year gives you something concrete to work on throughout the year instead of trying to reach a goal within two months and feeling rubbish if you don’t complete it or give up/break it. I quite like this idea. At the end of the year you can reflect back on how far you have come, for example my theme this year is to be more optimistic, a seemingly impossible task for me but! I have actually been trying to be more positive, without even really trying. I have been waking up in the morning feeling more ready, more sure of what I am aiming for, even sitting down and applying for jobs seems like a less arduous task. I am not even sure myself what has changed, but a theme just feels more doable. less task like, more of an improvement, if you have a bad day, the next day you don’t feel as if you’ve broken any goal, you can only simply, try your best and at the end of the day if you keep your goal somewhere in your mind you will see improvement.

I for one am looking forward to seeing how much I can progress with my theme. What are your resolutions? Have you got a theme?



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